I'm Jonathan McCormick, Jr.


Entrepreneur. Journalist. Blockchain Technologist.


I am a self-educated tech professional who is passionate about enabling people with the technologies they need to accomplish their goals. I also happen to be a journalist, and recognize the importance of encryption technologies and their derivatives (like Tor, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) for circumventing censorship by Big Tech and Big Government. Civil liberties depend on the free flow of information. While techno-authoritarians are working to spy, censor, and seize, techno-libertarians are working to anonymize, allow, and autonomize. Because of this continuing struggle, you must be able to adapt to emerging technologies if you wish to defend your freedoms. You may stop defending your rights, but the collectivists will not stop assaulting them. As my years in Boy Scouts taught me, "BE PREPARED!"

When I meet a challenge, I work rigorously to figure-out a solution. From creating decentralized websites powered by blockchain, to recreating people's digital lives with state-of-the-art (and freely available) privacy tools, to being a journalist for sensitive topics, to even basic I.T. tasks, please reach out to me to learn more about what I can do to help you.

My Skills

Privacy Tech


Web Design


Why the two domains?

This site has two versions: one that is accessible as a normal website (1), and another that is accessible as a censorship-resistant blockchain website (2).

1. BlockchainProgrammer.tech

This is a website that works like any other. It is registered with ICANN through my domain registrar. Either ICANN or my registrar could theoretically seize this domain whenever they want.

2. BlockchainProgrammer.crypto

This is a website that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain. I purchased this domain as an NFT from Unstoppable Domains. Since this domain is held in my Ethereum wallet, a person needs my private key to steal this domain. As long as I protect my private key, my domain should be safe!

To view BlockchainProgrammer.crypto, you will need to have a browser that is able to interpret it properly and route you to the right place on IPFS. For a list of such browsers and browser extensions, please see Unstoppable Domains' "View Website" guide

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Bartlesville, Oklahoma, United States

Phone: +1 (737) 600-9620 Call, Text, Signal App, Telegram

Email: mccormick9@protonmail.com

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